Selecting the appropriate material is key when it comes to protecting assemblies. Ask how AIF can help.

Electrical Insulators

Electrical Insulators are either die cut with an economical steel rule or stamped with a hard steel male/female tools when fabricating electrical insulating components.

AIF uses dielectric materials that are UL listed such as: 

  • 3M Thermavolt AR
  • 3M Cequin
  • 3M Flame Barrier FRB Series
  • FormexGK™
  • Nomex®
  • Lexan®
  • Valox®
  • Kapton®
  • Mylar®
  • Vulcanized Fibre
  • and more

Typical Industries:

  • Electrical Controls
  • Electrical Machinery
  • Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Telecommunication
  • Food Equipment