AIF works closely with suppliers to research materials and provide technical information to better solve our customers' needs.  We invite you to involve us early in product development so we can work together to handle your requirements.

AIF die cuts, stamps, scores, laminates, and assembles custom, close-tolerance components made from a wide range of materials that include plastics, fiber, laminates, rubber, sponge and foams, and pressure sensitive adhesives.

Customers in the appliance, electrical controls, electronic assembly, food processing, gaming, safety and security, and telecommunication markets, look to AIF to provide unique solutions and components parts such as gaskets, electrical insulators, EMI/RFI shielding, sound absorbers, and cushioning.

Engineering Assistance

With many years of materials fabricating and converting expertise, we can assist with efficient part design.  Check out AIF at work in the video below.