"40 years of Manufacturing Excellence"


Nomex and Fibre insulators primarily for the television industry.


New larger facility - As Formex Flame Retardant Polypropylene replaced fiber and cost reduced Nomex parts;  AIF was the first customer of Formex (assisted in development of Design Guide)


Ownership transition -  Preco high speed die cutting


More state of the art high speed Preco and Freeman Schwabe die cutting equipment60” wide traveling head die cutting capability  - Laminating capability for pressure sensitive adhesives -  The product mix changed dramatically to include additional flexible materials, such as rubber, sponge, foam, and foam tapes. Rotary die cutting equipment - AIF earned ISO 9000:2000 registration.  AIF achieved Honeywell ACS Preferred Supplier status.


Growth in pressure sensitive adhesives, AIF was awarded 3M Preferred Converter status - Atom Flashcut dieless cutting system - . Another, larger Preco high speed die cutter - A 150 ton 47 X 47 Freeman Schwabe high speed die cutting press and in house screen printing